An New Low Cost Alternative to Your Local Utility

Join homeowners across New England as we pool our buying power to guarantee lower prices on our home and small business electricity bills.

Resident Power’s management team has nearly 100 years of collective experience in the energy markets. Resident Power is a division of Freedom Logistics, LLC. a New Hampshire based company which began shortly after the market deregulated in 1999.
FL has been providing similar services to large commercial and industrial businesses throughout New England providing access to low cost wholesale electricity saving its customers an average of 10-25% on their electricity bills. They have under management, 54% of the end user sector for ISO New England, the governing body that manages all the electricity needs here in New England.
FL serves many of the prominent Towns, Businesses and Colleges throughout New England. They along with their subsidiaries boast both, an excellent savings track record and a stellar reputation.
Resident Power is proud to offer unique, free-market solutions that lower costs and increase the competitiveness and profitability of our customers.



    About Resident Power

    Serving customers of all sizes across PSNH and NHEC territory, Resident Power was the first to bring Energy supply choice to the residents of New Hampshire. Proudly owned and operated in Manchester, we strive to extend our knowledge of the electricity market and it's potential savings to all of our customers, neighbors, friends and fellow New Hampshirites!
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