Missed us last Wednesday? We’ll be back again this week!

For those who missed us, or just want a chance to talk to us again, Resident Power will be back on Elm St in Manchester offering to PAY FOR YOUR PARKING on Wednesday, August 14th. 

Why would anyone do this, you ask? Well, Resident Power, as the only locally owned and operated Alternative Energy Aggregator is looking to reintroduce ourselves to our own backyard and help educate the public.  Last week alone, we found 5 Manchester residents, within an hour, who didn’t know they had a choice, let alone a company located in their home town.

If you’re in the Neighborhood and just want to put a few faces to the names, we’ll have Megan, Cameron, Bart, Nathan, and Kurt all around for your questions from 11AM to 3 PM.  In short, come get some free information, talk to NH Residents who want to hear and answer your questions, and get some free parking.


About Resident Power

Serving customers of all sizes across PSNH and NHEC territory, Resident Power was the first to bring Energy supply choice to the residents of New Hampshire. Proudly owned and operated in Manchester, we strive to extend our knowledge of the electricity market and it's potential savings to all of our customers, neighbors, friends and fellow New Hampshirites!
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