5 Simple Energy Saving tips to Put Even More Money in Your Wallet

Getting the holiday blues or just fearing the electricity bill that comes with them?  We’ve provided 5 simple ways to save more on your electricity bill by simply using less.  Without paying a penny, these five simple ideas will keep your bill from going too high and hopefully bring back some of that holiday cheer!

1)      Adjust your thermostat.

Working all day and no one’s home?  Turn down the heat.  Adjusting your thermostat from 68 to 62 keeps your pipes from freezing but helps save money on heating an empty house.  This is even true if you don’t use electric heat; you save fuel by simply turning it down when no one is home.

2)      Turn off the lights.

Leaving a room? Turn off or dim the lights.  By simply hitting the light switch on your way out, you can save even more without losing any time.  This is especially true if you are going to be gone for a while.

3)      Stop playing to an empty room.

Turn off the tv, radio, or laptop when you leave the room as well.  Even better is to unplug it completely if possible or turn off the surge protector.  It keeps everything from soaking up energy when you aren’t there, and besides, who’s watching the movie if you aren’t there?

4)      Turn off and unplug the space heaters and electric blankets.

Space heaters and electric blankets are great, don’t get us wrong.  But they really do use a lot of electricity.  Turn them off or unplug them after you get up or leave the house and simply turn them on about 10 minutes before bed.  This also reduces the risk of a house fire, so sleep safe knowing you’re saving money and lessening risks in your home.

5)      Send the kids outside.

Snow is a great thing.  Kids love to play in it, it keeps them healthy, and they aren’t raising your electricity bill by staying inside and playing on the computer or the video game systems.  Besides, the house will be quiet and who doesn’t appreciate a quiet house once in a while?


About Resident Power

Serving customers of all sizes across PSNH and NHEC territory, Resident Power was the first to bring Energy supply choice to the residents of New Hampshire. Proudly owned and operated in Manchester, we strive to extend our knowledge of the electricity market and it's potential savings to all of our customers, neighbors, friends and fellow New Hampshirites!
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