Meet the Team

Sean Wirth –

 Sean grew up in Rhode Island and enjoys fishing and sports in general.  Sean is currently our only staff member living outside of New Hampshire and is constantly asked when he will finally move North, after working in New Hampshire for 3 years with us.

Sean Devine- 

Yep! There’s two Seans here, but they’re pretty used to being confused for each other, so no worries there.  Sean D.  grew up here in Manchester, attended UNH, is an avid golfer, and loves to sail.  He’s been working to save New Hampshire residents and business owners alike some money for three years and is looking forward to many more years.

Megan McLaughlin

For those who’ve chatted with us online, we promise that Megan is real (don’t laugh, we get that question a lot).  Megan grew up in Goffstown, also attended UNH, and can be found competing in Archery competitions across the state.  As the newest member of the Resident Power Team, she has enjoyed her first year saving New Hampshire Residents some money and is looking forward to many more.

Kurt Chapman- 

Hello world I am Kurt Chapman and I have over eight years of experience in the environmental and energy industries.  Most of this time has been dedicated to Operations, Marketing, and Customer Relations. I Live in Salem, NH and enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, and almost anything competitive …. Go SOX.  Kurt is also a new addition to New Hampshire having moved up from Massachusetts just a few short months ago!

Marianne Vetter-

Hi everyone – my name is Marianne Vetter I am originally from Switzerland but have been in your beautiful NH since almost 15 years, 7 of which I’ve been working for Freedom Logistics the parent company of Resident Power. I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer!

Petro Pellumbi –

Also know as Sir Patrick (given to him by a customer during a phone call), Petro is originally from Albania and spent the better half of his life here in New Hampshire.  Petro loves sports and is probably the biggest BRUINS fan in the office.  Keep an eye out for him at the games and wearing his beloved Bergeron jersey during the season!


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